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Club Rules

  1. All flying members must belong to AMA.

  2. New flyers are allowed three introductory flight sessions with a certified trainer, upon which they must join the club and AMA

  3. Guests are allowed 3 free flight days at our field, upon which they must join.

  4. The safety officer must inspect all new planes belonging to new pilots.

  5. All new members must be voted in by the club membership.

  6. Dues will be on an annual basis from January 1st to December 31st.

  7. Dues will be as stated on the membership application.

  8. Responsibility for the aircraft itself resides with the owner. This rule applies to anyone asking or allowing another pilot to fly his/her airplane.

  9. You may start your planes on the flight table only if they are facing the runway (away from the pit area).

  10. All engines must be shut off at least 2 feet from the safety fence.

  11. You may not taxi off of the runway into the pit area.

  12. Non- members are not allowed inside the pit area for safety reasons.

  13. Absolutely no alcohol or profanity tolerated.

  14. Last person to leave the field must lock the clubhouse.

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